About Us

About us

Deepavruksha provide a platform of relief for the Society who want  better tomorrow. We welcome our valuable customers to Cherish with Quality Products. It’s all about our concern to help you enjoying your business Life.

Why Choose Us?

  • Products are tailor made according to the customers required specification
  • On Time delivery of products to customer place
  • We under take bulk orders
  • We always meet the high standards and provide a eco friendly environment
  • Competitive price & Easy payment options

Free Shipping on All Orders Over $40

Why you Need Aroma Candle & Natural Wood Pressed Oil?

Let your home experience the flying smell of beautiful fragrance & Natural Wood Pressed Oil that make your dear and near ones Healthier feel happy and relax! Stay healthy and keep up the pace for your loved ones and experience the real fragrance & get Natural taste of healthier Oils.

Our Aroma candle & Natural Wood Pressed Oil is cleaner and healthier, and we will enlighten your senses with our variety of Natural fragrances & Oils. Our goal is to be an integral part of your sense of peace, enhance the ambiance, inspire relaxation and create tranquil moments.

  • 100% Natural Aroma The candle is meant to fill your space with aroma; we used the finest essential oils to fill your room with those beautiful aromas.
  • Premium Wooden Lid Glass Jar The Lid glass candle Jar is not only beautiful and decorative; it's non-toxic and safe to burn in your home.
  • Personalized Aroma Candle You can upload your photo and message to create the perfect candle for you & for your loved ones. A perfect gift for everyone.
  • Mosquito Repellent Burning aromatherapy candle with Antivirus properties could help people to kill bacteria lurking in their homes. The Aroma of Lemon Eucalyptus, Citronella, Clove & Peppermints essential oils acts as a natural mosquito repellent.
  • A much needed thing for you and your Family You go to extreme lengths to make sure that you meet all responsibilities and be the perfect mother/father to your kids or better half from toxins which takes place in your tract. We bring you a safe way of making your home smell like Pure Natural Aroma and stay healthy! With Our candle, you can enjoy a great scent and relax while knowing that your family is protected.
  • Peaceful sleep Wonderful and familiar aroma that brings a calm and soothing effect, eliminating irritability, relieving pressure and helping you get a peaceful night’s sleep.

Deepavrusksha Vision

“At Deepavruksha the art of pure Natural fragrance and essential oil Candle & Natural Wood Press Oil mixology to bring you tantalizing Healthier olfactory pleasure while aromatically decorating your home so we too may become part of your story.

We are also keen and focused on providing value added products into the market that can help minimize the usage artificial products out there in the market, in this journey, purity is our priority, and we have indulged our self to the nation dream of make in India into reality and hence we want to strongly support our national agenda”.

Why Choose Us?


understanding the price
and having the willingness to pay that price


We are well known to be creative and Endorse Creativity in our business values.

Professional Team

We work with professional team representative s that open to thoughts, remarks and Building Strong Productive working relationships that Lead to Our Clients satisfaction and Endorse High Performance.


We took every single opportunity with open arms and believe in driving change always.


Our Main Aim is to offer a world Class and Devoted Brand of Proven and Efficiency.


Our Main Goal is to make our clients Happy and Healthy Always. Because we always endorse long term and productive working relationship with our clients.

Our Values

We’re enthusiastic about doing our part to make life better. We provide great value and superb customer support. We do our best to create dream homes for all. It’s not about the work we do, but how we give priority to our customer, this is what Deepavruksha value the most.

What Deepavruksha Value

  • ⎫ Empowerment At Deepavruksha, everyone has a voice, every single client.
  • ⎫ Mutual Respect Our prerequisite for open communication and strong relationship-building.
  • ⎫ Do not harm It’s important that we avoid actions and activities that could cause detriment to ourselves, our clients and our world.
  • ⎫ Integrity We’re committed to honesty and doing the right thing by our clients always.
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