Luxury Essential Oil Aroma therapy Candles to fight deadly viruses “Aegis” from Deepavruksha

Luxury Essential Oil Aroma therapy Candles to fight deadly viruses “Aegis” from Deepavruksha

Aegis candle can purify indoor air also helps you to secure from deadly airborne viruses.In addition to sharpening our focus, boosting our beauty routines, and complementing our spiritual practices essential oil candles also can be effective at clearing the air and eliminating deadly viruses.
It also has antimicrobial and antifungal properties, which will be spread, throughout your home’s high-traffic rooms.

The smell of a house is heavenly. A whiff of a fresh fragrance instantly brightens your mood and makes the home feel extra clean. Within the entrance of your home, alongside your dining, a fragrant volatile oil candle can encourage visitors to enter with calm and ease.

Experts recommend an important oil that’s been shown to scale back anxiety, like lemon or clove. The lemon volatile oil is an emotionally uplifting oil,” oil exports. The major chemical constituent is limonene, which has been shown to scale back anxiety, lower pulse, and ease stress.” Another favorite fragrance to use within the house is Peppermint a classic scent that recalls memories of childhood. “Peppermint signals ‘fun’ to our memory centers.

Unfortunately, most of the commercial products made to scent and deodorize the house are filled with dangerous chemicals. These dangerous substances can lower indoor air quality and damage your system.
We are presenting here 100% pure essential oils and sustainable candles that are non-toxic and clean-burning.

Each candle is hand-poured and frosted in a glass jar to take care of the integrity of our natural ingredients. If you are looking to clear the air reception or work and need to urge rid of deadly viruses within the air, our Aegis candle may be a perfect choice for you. Volatile oil candles can bring numerous goodies – relaxation, invigoration, the recall of memory that always comes with scent and protect your health from lethal viruses within the air.

Many also accompany so-called “nasties”: chemical fragrances (which cause headaches) which provide off carcinogens when burned, and wicks with a core of metal. While the jury remains out on exactly how bad for us this stuff is, many understandably like better to avoid them within the pursuit of a healthier, greener, more natural lifestyle.

Fortunately for candle lovers, we have a solution. We use the natural fragrance of essential oils, and we use pure cotton wicks. While lemon volatile oil is taken into account the simplest for giving a robust sweet scent, there are many other oils like clove, peppermint, and citronella, clove that infuses well in candles and which burns cleaner. Natural wax is much better than Petroleum-based paraffin wax, Peppermint features a great scent throw and burns slowly; and, citronella which helps purify the air and kill germs because it burns and is usually blended with other natural oils because it features a scent of its own.

All Deepavruksha- Aegis candle made up of a mix of natural oils that can be labeled with the essentials that create up a majority. So now relax to the max without the fear of any chemical nasties candle polluting your home – our candles use essential oils. Following Essential natural oils are utilized in Deepavruksha- Aegis candle.

Lemon Eucalyptus

Lemon Eucalyptus, essential oils is all -antimicrobial and destroy airborne germs with their high levels of limonene. Oil also highly effective to the liver and lymphatic system.

With fresh, bright and lightening lemony scent it’s derived from the fragrant grass lemon balm.
It exuding an upscale, fresh, uplifting scent almost that of lemon.

Lemon eucalyptus essential oils have an affinity for the systema respiratorium (The system for taking in oxygen and giving off carbon dioxide; in terrestrial animals this is accomplished by breathing) and are clinically shown to kill the airborne flu virus,” says the specialist.  Lemon Eucalyptus is known to be a tad too strong to use in high dosages for DIY skincare products, but they work wonders on battling bacteria within the air.


There is research on clove abilities to support healthy breath and resolve the consequences of pollution; it is also used as a respiratory supporter that helps the lungs filter environmental toxic viruses. Clove oil used for a spread of purposes, such as antimicrobial, to assist kill bacteria, a pain reliever for conditions and for digestive upset. Also used to relieve respiratory conditions.


Peppermint volatile oil has been called one of the foremost versatile oils within the world. Abounding in dermal and oral uses also as anti-microbial properties, there are countless issues that it’s beneficial, promoting the wellness of body, mind, and overall health. The scent of peppermint is often described as being fresh, sharp and like menthol, and therefore the components of this multi-purpose oil are used internationally in cosmetic, culinary, and health industries.

Peppermint is one among the many species belonging to the Labiatae of plants. The most prominent components of peppermint volatile oil are menthone, and menthol, that are beneficial to scale back pain and stop the expansion of harmful bacteria, respectively. There are numerous applications that peppermint volatile oil is often used, including cosmetics, aromatherapy, relaxing baths, and as a cleaning agent around the house.  Fortunately to its stimulant properties, using peppermint volatile oil daily could interfere with sleep patterns, and an overdose of the oil can cause potentially severe side effects.


Citronella oils like pine, spruce, and fir since they contain a compound with well-documented antibacterial properties. These oils are particularly great to assist clear and support the lungs, which is our first line of defense against airborne bacteria. They also help to form the house smell just like the winter season with their earthy scents.

Citronella is usually mistaken for Lemongrass, as they share an identical appearance, growth, and processing method; however,
Citronella oil has been a natural medicinal remedy.  It is  used as a flavoring agent in culinary applications, a soothing agent for pain, infections, rashes, and inflammation, a non-toxic insect-repelling agent, a natural and fragrant household cleaning agent, and an ingredient in perfumery, soaps, detergents, scented candles, and cosmetic products. Citronella oil is valued and applied for its cleansing, freshening, disinfecting and deodorizing properties.

Why we make it in candle form?
We made candles out of volatile oils because they may directly apply to pure essential oil to make your skin sensitive. Direct Intake of volatile oil isn’t recommended practice everywhere the planet.

We came with the thought of those amazing candles, Once we observed electrical Air-purifying devices, which needs consumed a lot of power and maintains is required, on top, there was no much benefit, so we believed in nature and its ultimate power, we came with Deepavruksha-Aegis, Which is a natural source of Air Purifying, and also inhaling of Natural volatile oil has a lot of added advantage. From age-old days, we practice fire ritual and we use natural elements to clean air (Homan), same methodology is followed.  If you are looking to clean the air, in reception or work and intend to stay shielded from viruses present within the air our essential oils candles are a surefire way within a particular limit.

The bottom line is that if you’re looking to purify a little area like your apartment, bathroom, or work desk, our volatile oil candles are an exquisite and straightforward solution, Thanks to keeping your air fresh and clean. This is an easy, powerful, and guarded smells like summer.

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