Lumipro-40 400 ML Multipurpose Rust Removal Spray

499.00 350.00



Multipurpose Spray

Loosens Rusted parts

Stops squeaks

Cleans and protects

Drives out moisture

Free sticky

Mechanism See less


This multi-purpose lubricant from Lumipro 400 ml Lumi-40 is known for offering the best protection to the metal from rust and corrosion. The Lumi-40 400 ml Multi-Use Product Spray reaches stuck or jammed parts and removes moisture, thereby facilitating lubrication. This superior quality lubricant is capable of removing grease from metal surfaces. It not only lubricates moving parts but comes handy in cleaning surfaces at homes such as removing labels, stickers, tapes and extra bonding materials. Lumi-40 lubricant gets rid of the moisture efficiently and instantaneously. It is useful in drying out electrical systems to keep moisture-induced short circuits at bay.


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